How to Choose an High Efficient Air Filter Correctly?

June 30, 2023

High efficient air filters are mainly used to capture particles and suspended matter with a size of 0.5μm and above. They consist of a filter element and a housing, and the basic requirements are high filtration efficiency, low airflow resistance, and the ability to be used continuously for a long time to reduce consumable costs.

High efficient air filters can be categorized based on the manufacturing process: Mini-pleat, separator, and V-shaped (W-shaped) filters. The frame options for these filters include galvanized frames, aluminum frames, and stainless steel frames.

Mini-pleat efficient filters typically use hot-melt adhesives as separators, making them suitable for mechanized production. Currently, mini-pleat structures are widely used in cleanrooms and places with high cleanliness requirements that require a large quantity of filters. Separator efficient filters have the advantages of stable power and uniform airflow. Compared to Separatpr efficient filters, Separator air filters are smaller in size, lighter in weight, and more compact in structure for the same airflow.

Separator HEPA filters use corrugated separators to accurately maintain pleat spacing, maximizing the utilization of filter media with minimal resistance. The filter media is folded in a zigzag pattern with two creases at the bend, forming a box-shaped pleat structure at the tail end of the separator, which prevents damage to the filter media. Separatpr efficient filters utilize ultra-fine fibers as filter media and are bonded with high-quality kraft paper or aluminum foil as separators, using wooden frames or aluminum alloy frames. They offer high filtration efficiency, low resistance, and high airflow, making them suitable for low-level non-unidirectional flow projects, various purification equipment, and cleanrooms.

V-shaped efficient filters, also known as W-shaped efficient filters, are large-load HEPA filters in a box structure, consisting of multiple non-partition filter elements arranged in a V-shaped configuration and sealed within a black painted galvanized steel frame. Compared to regular filters, V-shaped filters significantly increase the amount of filter media, ensuring lower pressure drop and reducing energy consumption and operating costs. V-shaped filters are suitable for variable airflow and turbulent airspeed systems, such as within clean system air conditioning units, but they are not suitable for installation at the end supply air outlets.

How to Choose an High Efficient Air Filter Correctly?cid=48

When purchasing efficient filters, the following methods can be considered:

  • Choose air filters with a larger filter area.

  • Select air filters with sufficiently high filtration efficiency.

  • Choose filters with suitable dimensions.

  • Choose filters with low initial resistance at the same airflow.

  • Before using high efficient air filters, it is essential to test each unit.

Analyze the properties of the dust-containing gas. The properties of the dust-containing gas related to the selection of air filters mainly include temperature, humidity, and the quantity of acid, alkali, and organic solvents. Some filters can be used at high temperatures, while others are suitable for normal temperature and humidity conditions. The quantity of acid, alkali, and organic solvents in the dust-containing gas also affects the performance and efficiency of the air filters. Determine the dust content and particle characteristics of outdoor air accurately since the filters purify and supply outdoor air into indoor environments. The dust content of outdoor air is crucial, especially in multi-stage filtration processes. When selecting pre-filters, factors such as operating environment, spare parts cost, energy consumption, maintenance, and supply should be considered.

During the selection process, it is important to choose filters that are suitable, as excessively low or high prices are abnormal. Optimal choices involve selecting filters with appropriate efficiency and a reasonable configuration. If you have any further questions about air filters, please contact our company. With 20 years of experience in the air filter industry, we can provide you with the most professional service.