In the chemical industry, it is common to use substances that cause high levels of pollution to the environment. Air can be easily polluted when dealing or manufacturing products. Using air filters is essential to ensure safety and pollution-free environment.


The application of air filters depends on the environment, filtration system, and industrial sector. Air filters can provide a location with:



Pollution-free environment and on-site workers;

Suitable temperature;

Beneficial air quality for workers free of pollutants such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria, and free of highly hazardous materials to health;

Ensuring the quality of industrial processes;

Below, we will list the main filter types used in the chemical industry:


Multi-bag Air Filters

Multi-bag air filters are the most used in the chemical industry and other fields. With its high accumulation capacity due to its effective filtration area, multi-bag filters are recommended for high airflows and high concentration particulates.


Using multi-bag air filters have the following advantages:


They have long use life, without affecting the operation of the equipment. This ensures fewer filter changes, directly reducing the maintenance cost and plant downtime;

Multi-bag filters have a wide range of filtration efficiency. Multi-bag filters can be coarse, medium and fine.

They have low pressure drop, reducing energy consumption

They are made of inert, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic microfibers. Self-supporting filters operate without support, with a filter area up to 15 times the working area.

Multi-bag air filters are frequently used in the chemical industry, but depending on the type of industrial environment, other air filters are also widely used.


HEPA Air Filters

They are very useful when the maximum air purity is required. This filter is widely used in controlled environment, clean rooms, and operating rooms, but its use is highly efficient when manufacturing products that need to control NO pollution in the air. In this case, absolute Hepa filters are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.


If you want to learn more about Hepa filters, visit the link containing all the technical information about this filter. Click here!

Fine Air Filters

Fine air filters are widely used in the chemical industry, since they can remove pollutants from the air such as smoke, vapor, ash, etc. They are presented in plan or wedge form. To learn more details about fine air filters, you can click here to enter our page!


These are the main filters used in the chemical industry, but other air filters can also be used depending on your filtration system.


Yitong produces all industrial air filters. Below, we will list the other filters used:


Air Filter Felt

Air Filter Frame Felt

Flat Air Filters

Pleated Air Filters

High Temperature Air Filters

Filter Element Air Filters

Yitong is one of the largest air filter and air filtration equipment manufacturers. If you have any questions, we suggest you contact Yitong. Our engineers will be better able to explain in detail and point out the best option for your company.