Metal Filter Cartridge
Metal Filter Cartridge

Leading manufacturer of sintered metal filter elements

Our products: metal powder sintered filter element, sintered mesh filter  element, pleated metal filter element. Raw material: stainless  steel 304/316L/904L,  Hastelloy, powder, titanium powder, etc.


Decarburization filtration in pharma industry;Filtration and recovery of catalyst;Filtration  of various corrosion and high temperature materials;high temperature gas in petrochemical industry;Polymer melt filtration of chemical fibre and film.

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Yitong - Leader in Sintered Porous Metal Filtration Technology

We are committed to custom-designing sintered porous metal filters for you.

As a leader in sintered porous metal filtration technology, Yitong specializes in creating high-performance filters and filtration materials for various industries. Our product line includes sintered metal fiber mats, multi-layer sintered wire meshes, stainless steel sintered filter elements, porous metal filters, and sintered nickel filters made from specific materials.

Yitong’s sintered porous metal filters are highly reputed in the industry and have been adopted by leading companies across sectors such as petrochemicals, fine chemicals, water treatment, pulp and paper, automotive, food and beverage, and metal processing. Leveraging our independence, extensive experience, and professional knowledge, we offer customized sintered filtration solutions to meet your specific needs.

Compared to traditional woven metal meshes, Yitong’s sintered filters exhibit superior advantages: high strength, long durability, and excellent corrosion resistance. Notably, we can also provide customized sizes, materials, and layered configurations based on customer requirements, ensuring that our products fully meet your specifications.

Whether you need a specific type of filtration medium, flow rate, filtration precision, or material requirement, or even a replacement for other brands of sintered metal filter elements, simply let us know your needs. Yitong will promptly provide you with precise quotes and solutions.

Why choose Yitong as your sintered porous metal filter supplier?

Yitong, as a supplier of sintered porous metal filters, offers a range of unique advantages and professional services, making it a trusted partner.

1. Flexibility in OEM Design: We offer unique OEM designs in terms of size, pore size, material, layers, and shape. This means we can custom-design sintered porous metal filters that best suit your specific needs and application scenarios.

2. Professional R&D Team: Our experienced R&D team can quickly respond to your needs and provide efficient, innovative supply solutions. Whatever filtration and flow control challenges you face, we can offer you the best metal filtration solutions.

3. Guaranteed Product Quality: Yitong’s sintered porous metal filters meet CE standards, ensuring stable and reliable quality. We strictly control the production process, from raw material procurement to product shipment, ensuring that every product meets high-quality standards.

4. Comprehensive Service Support: We offer comprehensive services from engineering to after-sales support. At the project’s initial stage, our engineering team will provide detailed technical consultation and solution design; during project implementation, we will follow through and offer necessary technical support; in terms of after-sales service, we have a professional maintenance team and a complete after-sales service system to ensure you receive timely and effective help during usage.

5. Rich Industry Experience and Professional Knowledge: Yitong has extensive experience and professional knowledge in the chemical, food, and beverage industries. We deeply understand the filtration needs and challenges of these industries and can provide more accurate and effective solutions for you.

Engineering Solutions:

Yitong has a strong track record of providing customized and effective solutions to complex filtration and flow control challenges. We thoroughly understand the unique needs of each industry and combine our expertise and experience to offer the best metal filtration solutions for your projects. We commit to working closely with you to ensure the smooth progression and success of your projects.

Any Questions? Give us a call or contact us by e-mail, our filter experts at any time!

Metal Filter Cartridge