Mini-Pleat PTFE Panel Filters

PTFE membrane as young filter media in China market. It is used in HEPA filters and ULPA air filters with stable performance and lower energy consumption. PTFE HEPA filters and PTFE ULPA filters are ideal for low noise area, corrosive gas area (especially for hydrofluoric acid) and high clean level area. Really suitable for hospitals, sanatoriums, schools and kindergarten, microelectronics industry, sterile room, laboratory etc.

Products Description

Detailed information:

Type: Mini-pleat, Compact

Frame material: SUS304, Wood, Anodised extruded aluminum

Filter media: PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane

Gasket: PU gasket on both sides

Filter class: HEPA filters (H13/H14), ULPA filters (U15~U17)

Initial resistance: 50~110 Pa

Standard size: 320 x 320mm, 450 x 450mm, 595 x 595mm

Standard depth: 46/70/90/110/150/220/292mm

Material and Operation Conditions

MediaMicro glass fifiber/PTFE
Frame Extruded aluminum/ Folding aluminum/ Galvanized steel/ Stainless steel/ MDF
SealantDouble-component polyurethane glue
GasketPU endless gasket /EVA/ EPDM
SeparatorHot melt bead
Optional aluminum frame thickness (mm)46,50,69,75,78,80,90,96,100,110,120,150((Customized design is available))
Max. Temperature70℃
Max. Humidity100%

Technical datasheet

ModelTypeMaterialSize(mm)(WxHxD)Air flow(m³/h)Initial pressure(≤Pa)Filteration area(m²)Velocity(m/s)Filteration grade(EN1822-4)
YTGX No separator(W)Fiber  glass    (BX)610x305x69500904.920.75H14




Note: More specifications can be customized

Product Benefit:

1. PTFE membrane filtration, stable performance.

2. Energy-saving, so quiet when working.

3. Cleanroom workshop with testing device.

4. Monitor working schedule in real time by buyer.

5. PU gasket & protective net in both sides.

Custom Designed Mini Pleat Filters of Various Sizes, Shapes and Materials

Mini-Pleat PTFE Panel Filters

Production and Packaging

Some photos for your reference

Mini-Pleat PTFE Panel Filters

Mini-pleat PTFE Panel Filters

Mini-pleat PTFE Panel Filters

Mini-pleat PTFE Panel Filters

Mini-pleat PTFE Panel Filters