Turbulent Flow HEPA Filters

Box type HEPA H13/H14 filters designed for large capacity air filtration as final stage filters.

Micro glass fibre paper as filter media with stable performance and longer service life.

Widely used in pharma industry, fine chemical, commerical air purifier, hospitals, electronics, etc.

Products Description

Detailed information:

Type: V-shaped, U-shaped, box type

Frame material: ABS, Galvanized sheet, Anodised extruded aluminum, SUS304, Wood

Filter media: Micro glass fibre paper

Gasket: PU gasket on both sides

Filter class: HEPA filters (H13/H14)

Initial resistance: 264 ~ 317 Pa

Standard size: 610 x 610mm,610 x 305mm, 594 x 594mm

Standard depth: 292/310mm

Product Features

Benefits of production:

1. Long service life.

2. Stable performance.

3. Energy-saving.

4. PU gasket.


Benefits of our factory:

1. Cleanroom workshop.

2. 100% test in our laboratory.

3. Buyer can monitor working schedule in real time via mobile phone.

Some Photos for Your Reference

V-bank Box Shape HEPA filter

Test Video

V-bank Box Shape HEPA Filter Test Video