Filter System Production

  • cnc-LATHE.jpg

    CNC Lathe

    Function: processing thread, other accessories

  • Surface-.jpg

    Surface polishing machine

    Treating the inner and outer surfaces of the filter
    Roughness: ≥0.4μm

  • plate-rolling-machine.jpg

    Plate Rolling Machine

    Maximum plate thickness: 12mm
    Maximum plate width: 2m
    Plate diameter: ≥275mm

  • surface-shot-blasting.jpg

    Surface Shot Blasting Equipment

    Treat the outer surface of the filter

  • Bending-Machine.jpg

    Bending Machine

    Maximum folding thickness: stainless steel 1.5mm, galvanized sheet 3mm@2500 width , the smaller the width, the thickness can be increased
    Maximum plate width: 2500mm

  • laser-blanking-&-cutting-.jpg

    Laser Blanking & Cutting machine

    Maximum thickness: stainless steel
    maximum 10mm Maximum size: 2000*6000mm