High Temperature Separator HEPA Filters

Heat resistance high effiency filter is used in ultra clean drying oven, sterilization cabinet, and other purifying equipments and systems, which have high temperature condition requirement. It has high efficiency, low resistance, large dust holding capacity, excellent heat resistance and other advantages.

Products Description

Type: separator

Frame material: stainless steel

Media: Fibreglass

Separator: Aluminium, fibreglass

Gasket: Fibreglass rope, silicon gel

Filter class: H13 / H14

Initial resistance: 220Pa

Standard size:

Standard depth: 90/100/150/220/292mm

Product Features

1. Framework: stainless steel plate construction.

2. Filter material: ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper utilized.

3. Segment material: the aluminum foil incorporated.

4. Sealant: imported high temperature resistant silicone applied.

5. Sealing strip: imported high temperature resistant silicone strip employed.

6. Working temperature: 300 ℃ or less.


1. Primarily employed in ultra-clean ovens and other systems that require high-temperature air purification.

2. Air purification of equipment and systems that necessitate high-temperature air filtration, e.g. UV ovens and tunnel furnaces.

Packing and Shipping

High Temperature Air Filters