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Air filter
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Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge
Low extractable,pressure drop and high absorption
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Your Reliable Filter Cartridge
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We’re a leading manufacturer and supplier in filter product. Primary items:high flow cartridges,pleated filter cartridge,Air filter cartridge,Filter housing.

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Yitong filter cartridges are precisely manufactured for usage in critical filtration applications within food, pharmaceuticals, biotech, dairy, beverages, brewing, semiconductor, water treatment & other demanding process industries.

News And Events

  • May,18, 2022
    The Types of Activated Carbon Filter

    The reason why the water purifier can provide us with the cleanest and healthiest water source is because it contains an activated carbon filter element, which filters out all the impurities and dirt. Which activated carbon filter element should we choose? 1. Compressed activated carbon filter eleme

  • May,09, 2022
    The Quality of the Water Purifier

    With the widespread use of water purifiers, the requirements for filter elements are also getting higher and higher. As we all know, the PP filter element is the core component of the water purifier, and the quality of the PP filter element directly affects the quality of the water produced by the water purifier. So, how could we tell the quality of the purifiers?

  • April,27, 2022
    What is Melt-blown filter cartridge

    Yitongmelt-blown filter cartridgesare made of avirulent and flavorless polypropylene particles, after several process like,heating, melting, spinning, drawing, forming to tubular deep filter cartridge. The melt-blown filter cartridge have an outstanding chemical resistance and strong pollutant carrying capacity. The melt-blown filter cartridge has a durable service life and cost effective advantages. The melt-blown filter cartridge provides a depth loading liquid filtration at ratings from 1 micron to 100 micron. Thus the melt-blown filter cartridge offer a consistent of dirt loading throughout the usage of the filter cartridge.

  • April,20, 2022
    How do we clean the sintered mesh filter

    The sintered mesh filter element filtration technology is aimed at the blood of machinery and equipment—oil (including hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cutting fluid, etc.) Condition and dynamic clearance of components, reasonably select the filtration precision and filtration area of the filter and stainless steel filter element, efficiently filter out the gap size particles, block the chain reaction of wear, and cooperate with regular monitoring to ensure the cleanliness of oil and system, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing wear and tear, avoiding maintenance, extending the service life of components and equipment, and improving comprehensive economic benefits.

ShiJiaZhuang Yitong Filter Machinery Co., Ltd has been committed to providing the most extensive filtration solutions for global customers since 2003




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