Water: industrial, process, residential

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Municipal Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment
Process and Utilities Water
Residential Water

Filters and filter media are used throughout the water treatment industries in a broad range of applications, including:

Desalination -for the reuse of seawater in industrial process and even as drinking water.
Industrial water -one of the largest drains on the resource, using water for applications such as beverage production, parts washing and paper production.
Irrigation -water reuse for landscaping and the growth of fresh crops.
Municipal water -for the production of potable water.
Process and utilities water -for use within manufacturing processes, general technical plants, cleaning, maintenance and engineering systems.
Waste water treatment -aeration is an effective method for breaking down organic components of effluent, by providing oxygen to feed an aerobic bacterium that decomposes organic matter.
Redidential water treatment
We manufacture a range of diffused aeration products for the treatment of redidential, industrial and municipal effluent. We also manufacture products to eliminate organic, chemical and other debris to meet stringent regulations for drinking water, as well as for the chemical, industrial, pharmaceutical and science markets.

The various methods include:
· Aeration
· Filtration
· Adsorption
· Pre-treatment
· Separation
· Sparging.
As a leading manufacturer of home drinking water filters and solutions, we offer a complete line of standard filters, giant filters and whole house filters plus replacement cartridges, parts and accessories.