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How does the distortion seam calculate the distortion seam to have what characteristic?
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How does the distortion seam calculate the distortion seam to have what characteristic?

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The building the regular session has the distortion under the extraneous factor function, causes the dehiscence even to destroy. The distortion seam aims at the build joint which this kind of situation reserves, at the same time constructs the plan also to make configuration processing for the distortion seam. The traditional procedure is with the galvanized iron sheet, the steel plate or the aluminum sheet field processing manufacture, the configuration simple rough, not only unattractive, and the life is short, this kind of technology has been unable to repair the setting up a business modernization satisfiedly the development need. Today we take the roofing distortion seam as the examples, how under the understanding distorts the seam to calculate and the related characteristic question together!

How does the roofing distortion seam calculate, specific computational method

Distortion seam including temperature expansion joint, subsidence seam and quakeproof seam three kinds.

(1) distortion seam setting

①Expansion joint

Setting spot: Setting spacing and roof and floor type related, the biggest spacing is 50~75m generally. The expansion joint width is 20~30mm generally.

②Subsidence seam

Setting spot: Planform complex building's corner; The building highly or the load difference compares the main point; Structure type or foundation type different place; The ground soil layer has the differential settlement place; In the different time constructs house each link spot.

Setting requirement: Its width and ground situation and height of building related, generally is 20~30mm, five above construction its crack width should add suitably in the weak subgrade. The subsidence seam's place superstructure and the foundation must separate completely.

Distortion seam processing

③Quakeproof seam

Setting requirement: Quakeproof seam width and architecture layer and structure type related

Specific computational method

The distortion seam according to the extension rice computation, looked that on the blueprint distorts the seam picture to have is long you to be long, but if Lou Zhu said is the roofing divides warehouse seam on to consider that divides the warehouse seam the gap, the every other 6 meters generally suppose together. . The length is the roofing virtual length (buckles eaves gutter, parapet wall)

The distortion seam has any characteristic as well as the design requirements

1st, characteristic and utilization

The construction distortion seam device is the set usability and the cosmetic in a body, the industrialization stereotypia commodity which produces by the specialized chemical plant, it has the excellent workmanship, the contour attractively, the commodity standardization, the utilization life long and so on characteristics, is the concealment repairs the building distortion seam the aspiration construction fitting. Before the European and American developed country had several dozens years to produce the history, China starts from the beginning of 1990s to have some entrepreneurs from country introduction technologies and so on Germany, US establishes China's distortion seam device to produce the enterprise, until now has become the very experienced construction commodity and widely at the airport, the convention base, the sports base, the medical base, the market, the office building, constructions and so on union in industry workshop widely selects. Because the distortion seam device adds unceasingly is selected, the quoted price also in the unceasing whereabouts, the Shanghai Pudong international airport which in 1999 completes selects is the US imports the distortion seam device, each linear meter approximately 3000 Yuan. in 2004 completed the Guangzhou New Airport, selected is the domestically produced distortion seam device, each linear meter approximately 1000 Yuan.

2nd, plan standard

For ease of constructs the teacher broadly when the plan selects the distortion seam device, the Chinese Construction Standard Plan Research institute, 2004 has January published \"Distortion Seam Construction Configuration\" (04CJ01-1---3) national construction standard plan reference atlas. Various provinces, the city, the area continuously have also published the construction standard plan maps and census registers.

3rd, plan request

If equips in the construction distortion seam device stops Shui Dai, the fire resistance belt and guarantees the temperate zone also to be able to cause distortion seam device plan requests and so on satisfaction waterproofing, fire protection, heat preservation. Stops the water belt to select thick l. the 2mm three Yuan second grade third rubber sheet material, can in the sunlight, moist, under the ice-cold natural environment utilize for a long time. The fire resistance belt is clamps the special-purpose fitting by two stainless steel backing core which the aluminum silicate fireproof textile fiber felt frames together, nearby fire resistance belt's two with constructs the owner body configuration to be fixed. The fire resistance belt can satisfy the 1-4h not equally fireproof limit the request.

4th, information framing

For the complete understanding distortion seam device, presently the framing, the category and makes as follows using the condition introduced briefly: The distortion seam device is by the aluminum alloy molding, the aluminum alloy board (or stainless steel plate, copper plate), controls framing and so on slide rod, rubber fillet and each kind of special-purpose block glue. During the rubber products requested that has fine anti-weary, bears performance and so on hypothermia, anti-compression deformation, anti-ultraviolet ray and waterproofing.

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