Panel Filter --- Coarse Filters

Washable coarse filters also called pre-filters designed for protecting next stage air filters (Medium filters, Fine filters). Normally it should be replaced or washed each 3~4 weeks.

Synthetic fibres are widely used as filter media. Electret is also preferred for higher efficiency and same pressure drop. It will not 100% same performance as brand new once washing.

Products Description

Detailed information:

Type: Washable

Frame material: Galvanized sheet, Anodised extruded aluminum

Protective net: one side, both sides, or no need

Filter media: Synthetic fibre

Filter class: G1~G4 (ISO16890, EN779)

Initial resistance: 20 ~ 70 Pa

Standard size: 220 x 220mm,610 x 305mm, 450 x 450mm

Standard depth: 10/12/15mm

Product Features

Benefits of production:

1. Environment friendly

2. Washable

3. Easy installation


Benefits of our factory:

1. Clean workshop

2. Skilled workers

3. Buyer can monitor working schedule in real time via mobile phone

Some Photos for Your Reference

Panel Filter --- Coarse Filters

Panel Filter --- Coarse Filters