Ventilation Air Filters
Ventilation Air Filters

Mainly used in ventilation system; intercept particles, dust, bacteria, etc. Long service life and stable performance for industrial air filters. Energy-saving and affordable price for commercial air filters.

Classifying air filters (ISO-16890 & EN1822)

Coarse filters (G1-G4), Medium filters (F5-F7), Fine filters (F8/F9), Efficiency particular air filters (H10-H12), High efficiency particular air filters (H13/H14), Ultra low penetration air filters (U15-U17).

We have full replacements for gas turbine air filtration system from major international brands. 

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Our workshop

HEPA filters processed in clean room; Coarse filters and Medium filters processed in clean workshop. Whole set modern manufacturing equipment.

Our manufacturing facilities

Ventilation Air Filters Ventilation Air Filters

Laboratory instrument:  Air filters performance testing system of general ventilation ISO-16890

Ventilation Air Filters

Service: Testing of air flow, initial pressure drop, final pressure drop, filter efficiency, dust holding capability and constant humidity.

Automated HEPA filters scanner test system EN1822-4

Ventilation Air Filters

Service: Testing of air flow, initial pressure drop, filter efficiency and leakage or not.

Quality control

Pressure drop / Air flow / Filter class / Integrity / Humidity resistance tested service preferred

Tested in our laboratory under ISO16890 / EN 1822 / ASHRAE 52.2 / EN 779


  • Cleanroom ventilation filters in pharma industries, food processing, micro-electronics, etc.

  • Air purification of hospitals: operating room, ICU, NICU, Negative pressure ambulance, etc.

  • Air intake filter of Gas Turbines, Fan, etc. 

  • Office building, Metro, Residence, Commercial building