Dust filter bag F5 - F9 Pocket Air Filters

F5 to F9 pocket air filters are effective for various environments, from residential settings to industrial facilities, helping improve air quality by removing dust, pollen, mold spores, and other pollutants from the air. The choice of filter grade depends on the specific air quality requirements of the environment and the system they're used in.

Products Description

F5 to F9 filters are part of the classification system for air filters based on their efficiency in trapping airborne particles. These filters are commonly used in HVAC systems and industrial applications to remove different sizes of particles from the air. The F5 grade typically captures larger particles, while the F9 grade is more efficient at trapping smaller particles.

Pocket air filters are a type of filter with multiple pockets or compartments designed to trap and retain particles as air passes through them. They offer a larger surface area for filtration compared to flat panel filters, which allows for better airflow while still capturing particles efficiently.

Product Features

Type: Pocket (rigid)

Frame material: Plastic, 25mm

Filter media: Synthetic fibre

Filter class: F5-F9

Initial resistance: ~50% of glass fibre

Standard size: 594 x 594mm, 490 x 592mm

Standard depth: 381/610mm


High dust holding capacity 

Low pressure drop 

High economic efficiency 

Reduced energy operating costs 

Controlled media spacing

Packing and Shipping