Terminal Hepa Filter Ducted Module

A Terminal Hepa Filter Ducted Module is a specialized component used in cleanroom environments and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems where high levels of air cleanliness are required.

Products Description

Our quality:

1) 100% testing in our own laboratory.

2) Cleanroom workshop.

3) EN1822, ISO16890

Technical specification:

Aluminum frame, depth 50mm

Filter class: H14, H13

Micro glass fiber, PTFE or special filter media

Lower pressure drop

Protective mesh on both sides

Perfect edges of pleated filter media

Our service:

1) OEM preferred

2) More choices on filter media

3) One-stop solution

Product Features

Applications: These modules are commonly used in environments where air quality is critical, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, semiconductor cleanrooms, hospitals, laboratories, and microelectronics production areas. They help maintain the required air cleanliness levels by removing contaminants and ensuring a sterile environment.