Mini Pleat HEPA Filter Ordered by American Customer

August 31, 2023

Recently, a batch of Mini Pleat HEPA Filters destined for the United States has been successfully delivered.

Mini Pleat HEPA Filter ordered by American Customer

Mini Pleat HEPA Filter Detail:

Type: Mini Pleat

Frame material:  Anodised extruded aluminum

Filter media: Micro glass fibre paper

Slot gasket: Polyurethane

Overall Eff.: 99.991%

Filter class: H13 (EN1822)

Resistance: 141Pa

Dim.: 605X455X57mm

Mini-pleat HEPA Filter Technical datasheet

TypeMaterialSize(mm)(WxHxD)Air flow(m³/h)Initial pressure(≤Pa) Filteration area(m²)Velocity(m/s)Filteration grade(EN1822-4)
Mini-pleatMicro glass fibre paper605X455X574001410.250.45H13

Mini-pleat HEPA Filter Test Report

Mini Pleat HEPA Filter ordered by American Customer

Mini-pleat HEPA Filter Package

Mini Pleat HEPA Filter ordered by American Customer

Mini-pleat HEPA Filter Shipping video

What is a Mini Pleat HEPA Filter?

A Mini Pleat HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter is a specialized air filter designed to capture particles as small as 0.3 micrometers with a high degree of efficiency. It belongs to the HEPA class of filters, renowned for its ability to remove allergens, dust, mold spores, pet dander, and even bacteria from the air we breathe. What sets the Mini Pleat HEPA Filter apart is its compact design and densely pleated structure, which maximizes surface area and enhances filtration capabilities.

Mini-pleat HEPA Filter Applications:

Mini Pleat HEPA Filters find applications in a wide array of settings:

Residential: They can be integrated into home HVAC systems or standalone air purifiers, enhancing the quality of indoor air for residents.

Commercial: From office spaces to medical facilities, these filters play a crucial role in maintaining clean air environments.

Industrial: Industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and manufacturing rely on Mini Pleat HEPA Filters to ensure the purity of their processes.


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