High Temperature H13 Filter ordered by Mexican customer

September 21, 2023

An order of High Temperature HEPA Filter placed by a US client has been successfully delivered.

High Temperature H13 Filter ordered by Mexican customer

High Temperature HEPA Filter Product Detail:

Frame material:  SS316

Sealant: 250°C chemical-resistant red sealant

Partition: Aluminum foil

Filter material: Glass fiber

Temperature and humidity: 250°C, 80%

Filter class: H13 (EN1822)

Overall Eff.: 99.991%

ModelTypeSize(mm)(HxWxD)Air flow(m³/h)Initial pressure(≤Pa)Media area(m²)Velocity(m/s)Filter grade(EN1822)
YTGXHigh temperature resistance1195*1195 * 10834002501.410.67H13

Test Report

High Temperature H13 Filter ordered by Mexican customer

High Temperature H13 Filter ordered by Mexican customer


High Temperature H13 Filter ordered by Mexican customer

What is a High Temperature HEPA Filter?

A High Temperature HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is a specialized type of air filter designed to operate at elevated temperatures while still maintaining its filtration efficiency. HEPA filters are known for their ability to capture and remove very small particles from the air, including dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and even some viruses.


Standard HEPA filters are typically designed to operate at room temperature and are not suitable for use in high-temperature environments. However, in some industrial or specialized applications, it is necessary to filter air at temperatures above the normal operating range of standard HEPA filters. This is where High Temperature HEPA filters come into play.


High Temperature HEPA filters are constructed using materials and designs that can withstand elevated temperatures, often ranging from 250°C (482°F) to 500°C (932°F) or even higher, depending on the specific application. These filters are commonly used in industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical processing, semiconductor manufacturing, and certain types of manufacturing processes where high-temperature air or gases need to be filtered.


Key characteristics of High Temperature HEPA filters include:


1. Heat-Resistant Materials: These filters are typically constructed using materials that can withstand high temperatures without degrading or melting. This includes heat-resistant fibers and sealants.


2. Specialized Design: High Temperature HEPA filters may have a different structural design than standard HEPA filters to ensure they can handle the temperature extremes. This may include reinforced frames and gaskets.


3. Filtration Efficiency: Like standard HEPA filters, High Temperature HEPA filters maintain a high level of filtration efficiency, typically capturing at least 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 micrometers in size or larger.


4. Application-Specific: The selection of a High Temperature HEPA filter depends on the specific application and the required operating temperature. Some applications may require filters capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures.


It's important to choose the right type of High Temperature HEPA filter for a given application to ensure both effective filtration and safe operation in high-temperature environments. Regular maintenance and replacement of these filters are also crucial to ensure their continued effectiveness and safety.