High Temperature HEPA Filter

Excellent high-temperature resistance.

Suitable for high-temperature air purification equipment and systems, such as clean ovens, clean washing machines, pharmaceuticals, high-temperature sterilization equipment, and chemical processes.

Available in various sizes and specifications for selection.

Products Description

High Temperature HEPA Filter Detail

Framework: 201/304 stainless steel

Sealant: 250°C chemical-resistant red sealant / ceramic white sealant

Partition: Aluminum foil

Filter material: Glass fiber

Temperature and humidity: 250°C, 80%

Product Features

The high-temperature HEPA filter is designed specifically for the removal of air pollutants in critical areas that require high efficiency in capturing fine particles and are exposed to hot air during the production process. These filters are widely used in various industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing and food processing.

The components used in assembling this filter are either selected for their heat resistance or for their ability to withstand temperature increases without significant impact.

 The battery side panel is made from specially hot-dipped 304 stainless steel. This material exhibits excellent characteristics at high temperatures and easily recovers its original dimensions after sudden temperature changes. The battery sides are mechanically connected together with stainless steel rivets to ensure a permanent, tight fit.


Heat-resistant corrugated aluminum partitions separate the folds of the filtering medium. The uniform spacing between the folds enables optimal airflow and filtration efficiency through the filter.


The medium pack is completely sealed to the pleat pack using special heat-resistant sealant. This adhesive completely encapsulates the medium edges and separators, preventing bypass leakage. The sealant is composed of ceramic-based components.

Technical datasheet

ModelTypeSize(mm)(HxWxD)Air flow(m³/h)Initial pressure(≤Pa)Media area(m²)Velocity(m/s)Filter grade(EN1822))Max. Temperature(℃)
YTGX(GW)High temperature resistance  610x305x1505001004.410.75E10260





Note: More specifications can be customized

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