Sintered Porous Metal Filter

Designed for the filtration of gas and liquid, especially corrosiveness, high pressure drop and high working temperature. Widely used in fine chemical, pharma industry, beverage industry, precious metal processing, etc.

Products Description

Detailed information:

Type: sintered

Raw material: stainless steel power, titanium powder, Monel 400, XInconel 600, etc.

Filter class: 0.5 ~ 100 μm

Wall thickness: 1.5 ~ 6mm

Outer diameter: 20 ~ 450mm

Length: upto 1650mm

Adapter: DOE, SOE, M30, Ring, etc.

Product Features


1. Long service life

2. Non-magnetized

3. Multi-layers


Benefits of our factory:

1. Customized service preferred

2. Less deviation

3. Reliable supplier for 20 years

It is free for testing your samples in corrosive solution and pressure vessel. Also free to test bubble point, flow rate, filter rating for our clients. Our team pay close attention on wall thickness (deviation 0.3mm), length (deviation 0.3mm), outer diameter (deviation 0.2mm) for small size filter.

Some photos for your reference

Sintered Porous Metal Filter

Sintered Porous Metal Filter