H10 V-Bank HEPA Filter

October 09, 2023

The H10 V-Bank HEPA Air Filters ordered by the customers have been shipped.

H10 V-Bank HEPA Filter

H10 V-Bank HEPA Air Filter Product Detail:

Type: V-bank (5V)

Frame material: ABS + PVC

Filter media: Micro glass fibre paper

Slot gasket: Polyurethane

Filter class: H10 (EN1822)

Dim.: 592mmX592mmX292mm-5V

H10 V-Bank HEPA Air Filter Technical Datasheet

TypeSize(mm)(HxWxD)Test Air flow(m³/h)Initial pressure(≤Pa)Media area(m²)Filter grade(EN1822)
V-Bank 592*592*2923400143.724H10

H10 V-Bank HEPA Air Filter Test Report

Initial pressure Test Report
Air flow(m³/h)1700255034004250
Initial pressure(≤Pa)5796144200
Filteration area(m²)24㎡

H10 V-Bank HEPA Filter

H10 V-Bank HEPA Filter

An H10 V-Bank Air Filter is a type of air filter designed for use in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. Let's break down the components of this designation:


1. **H10:** The "H10" rating indicates the filtration efficiency of the air filter. H10 filters typically have a filtration efficiency of 85% for particles in the 0.3 to 0.5 micrometer size range. They are capable of removing a significant portion of airborne contaminants, including dust, pollen, mold spores, and some bacteria.


2. **V-Bank:** The "V-Bank" design refers to the physical shape and arrangement of the filter. V-Bank filters are characterized by their V-shaped or "box" construction. This design provides a large surface area for filtration, which can result in higher filtration efficiency and longer filter life compared to flat panel filters. V-Bank filters are commonly used in commercial and industrial HVAC systems.


H10 V-Bank Air Filters are often employed in settings where a high level of air quality and filtration efficiency is required, such as hospitals, cleanrooms, laboratories, and industrial facilities. They are capable of removing finer particles from the air, making them suitable for environments where maintaining clean and healthy indoor air quality is crucial. However, it's essential to choose the right filter size and specifications that match the specific HVAC system and air quality requirements of your application.