Hydrophilic PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge

Yitong PTFE cartridge is a hydrophilic filter constructed with a natural hydrophilic PTFE membrane and support layers and components made of polypropylene.

Products Description

The PTFE Membrane Filter Cartridge exhibits exceptional hydrophobicity and resistance to water intrusion, surpassing PVDF and polypropylene membranes. This cartridge is particularly well-suited for gas/vent applications and the filtration of aggressive chemicals and solvents. It is an optimal choice for critical processes within the pharmaceutical industry, chemical plants, beverages and syrups production, as well as distilled water plants, among others.

Product Features
  1. This cartridge undergoes a rigorous integrity testing process to ensure 100% reliability.

  2. The cartridge possesses an absolute rating and meticulously controlled pore size distribution, guaranteeing exceptional and consistent bacterial retention.

  3. It offers the convenience of autoclave or in situ steam sterilization capabilities.

  4. The cartridge is equipped with a robust molded cage that exhibits high structural strength.

  5. The PTFE membrane boasts outstanding chemical resistance properties.

  6. With its low pressure drop and high flow rate, this cartridge optimizes filtration efficiency.

  1. This cartridge is suitable for sterilization filtration in the pharmaceutical industry.

  2. It is ideal for sterilization filtration of solvents in the chemical industry.

  3. It can effectively perform sterilization filtration of disinfectants and antibiotics.

Biological Safety: The product materials have been tested and comply with the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) in-vivo VI-121 ℃ plastic biological response test.

Endotoxin: The cartridge has an endotoxin level of less than 0.25 EU/ml.

Cleanliness: The product meets the requirements of the 2010 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for injection particle levels.

Readily oxidizable substance: After rinsing with 2000ml of water, the cartridge meets the 2010 GMP test requirements for particle content in injections.

TOC/Conductivity: After flushing the product with 20L of injection water at 25 ℃ (10〃), it meets the requirements of the 2010 GMP for total organic carbon content and conductivity in injection water.

Technical Parameter
Cartridge structureFilter area0.7㎡
Filter membraneHydrophilic PTFE
Guide layerPP
Inner support、end cap、shellPP
Seal ring materialSilicone,Viton,EPDM,PTFE
Working situationMax.working temperature≤80℃
Max. working pressure drop0.4Mpa/23℃
Sterilization121℃/30min steam sterilization