Gas Turbine Intake Air Filter (Cylindrical and Conical) For Gas Turbine GE

A gas turbine intake air filter is a crucial component of a gas turbine system used in various applications, including power generation, aviation, and industrial processes. Its primary function is to remove particulate matter and contaminants from the incoming air before it enters the gas turbine engine. This process is essential to maintain the efficiency, performance, and longevity of the turbine.

Products Description
Name of Item or Related ServiceTechnical Specification and  Standards
Gas Turbine Intake Air Filter (Cylindrical and Conical) For Gas Turbine GEFilter media:100% Synthetic nonwoven water repellent composite media.
Pleats:Pleats are to be stabilized spiral by hot-melt adhesive on both inner and outer cores.
No of Pleats and Media Area:No of pleats for cylindrical: ≥310 pleats Media Area for cylindrical: ≥18 m2 No of pleats for conical: ≥375 pleats Media Area for conical: ≥22 m2
End caps:Galvanized
Open Liners (Inner & Outer):Galvanized carbon steel G90 to ASTM653 or greater
Construction:Full metallic Construction, Non-welded
Washer:Each filter set should be provided with 1 pc of standard Rubber coated washer for setting filter set on the tripod.
Gasket material:Single piece, seamless, skinned foam in place polyurethane (closed cell) or EPDM.
Gasket stops:Integrated into the conical filter preventing over compression of the gasket. Polyurethane foam shall be consistency that when 6-10FT-LBS of tightening on retention bolt, seal will be tight as to allow no dirty air by-pass.
Glue/Potting type:Polyurethane
Dimensions: Cylindrical:OD of Cap: Ø324 ID of Cap: Ø215Hole of ID Close End Cap: Ø30mm Length:660 Conical:Smaller End Cap OD: Ø324 Smaller End Cap ID: Ø215 Larger End Cap OD: Ø445 Larger End Cap ID: Ø330 Length: 660Note 1: Tolerance in Dimension ±3mmNote 2: Cylindrical + 1 Conical= 1Set and Outer dimension of Cylindrical should be same to the smaller end of Conical.
Weight:Cylindrical:Must not exceed 6kg cleanConical:Must not exceed 7kg clean
Air Flow Rate:2338m3/hr to 2980 m3/hr
Average Efficiency for 0.4 µm particles:≥95%(Test certificate required, tested by independent test house)
Efficiency Class:a) EN779:2012: F9(Test certificate should be submitted, tested by independent test house)
Dust holding capacity:≥2000g at a pressure drop of 4” WG(1000 Pa) using ASHRAE test dust:
Initial pressure drop at >2338m3/hr:<240Pa (0.96’’H2O)
Burst pressure, in both wet and dry condition:>6230PA (25’’H2O)
Humidity Range:0 to 100% relative humidity
Operation temperature range:-40 degrees C to +50 degrees C(-40°F to +122°F)

Product Features

1. Contaminant removal: The filter traps dust, dirt, sand, pollen, insects, and other airborne particles that can damage turbine components or hinder the combustion process.

2. Efficiency: Filters are designed to achieve high filtration efficiency, ensuring that a significant percentage of contaminants are captured before reaching the turbine.

3. Pressure drop: Gas turbines operate optimally within a specific air pressure range. The filter design aims to minimize pressure drop across the filter while achieving the required filtration efficiency. Lower pressure drop means the turbine doesn't have to work as hard to draw in air, resulting in improved overall performance.

4. Pre-filtration and coalescing stages (optional): Some gas turbine intake air filters use pre-filtration stages to remove larger particles before air passes through the primary filter. Additionally, coalescing stages may be employed to separate liquid droplets from the air to protect the turbine from potential liquid damage.

5. Maintenance: Regular maintenance and filter replacement are necessary to keep the gas turbine running efficiently. Filters should be inspected and replaced based on manufacturer recommendations or as indicated by pressure drop measurements.

Properly maintained intake air filters play a crucial role in optimizing the gas turbine's performance, reducing maintenance costs, and extending its operational life. They are a critical aspect of ensuring the long-term reliability and efficiency of gas turbine systems across various industries.


Air intake filtering system of gas turbines, air compressor, dust collector, sandblasting, mining industry, oxygen generation station, cigarettes factories, etc.

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Gas Turbine Intake Air Filter (Cylindrical and Conical) For Gas Turbine GE