Pleated High Flow Filter Cartridge

The Pleated High Flow Filter Cartridge offers a number of membrane materials and filtering precisions to pick from. Benefiting from its high flow rate, low pressure difference and varied chemical compatibility, it performs excellently when employed in the filtration of water use in the manufacture of LED monitors, for instance, the cleaning of the bottom board, strict DI water flushing, etc. with water flow volume as large as 100L/min.

Products Description

Product Features

1. Many membrane material and filtration accuracy to choose.

2. Large filtration area, long service life.

3. High flow volume, low pressure difference.

4. Low filtration cost.


1.  Solvents and chemical raw materials

2.  Ink and paint

3.  High purity solution in electronics industry

4.  High temperature liquid. 

Technical parameter
Filter cartridge structureFilter area≥1.3㎡/10 inches
Filter membranePP、PES、PTFE
Guide layerPP
Inner support、end cap、shellPP
Seal ring materialSilicone rubber、Viton、EPDM、PTFE
Working situationWorking temperature≤90℃
Maximum working pressure difference0.4Mpa/23℃

Product type guide
YTD83Filter AccuracyLengthConnection TypeSeal ring material

0010=0.1μm05=5"2=222S=Silicone rubber



0100=1μm30=30"DOE/SOE=Flat head with gasketV=Viton