Washable Cassette Air Filter

This type cassette filter designed as pre-filters in commercial and industrial area. It is reuseable after washing by water with long service life.

Products Description

Detailed information:

Type: Panel type

Frame material: Aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, stainless steel

Filter media: synthetic fibre / cotton

Max. Humidity: 95%

Filter class: G2/G3/G4 (ISO16890)

Final pressure drop: 250Pa

Standard size: 594 x 594mm, 594 x 490mm, 594 x 287mm

Standard depth: 21/46/69mm

Product Features

Benefits of production:

1. Reuseable

2. Environment friendly

3. Long service life


Benefits of our factory:

1. Modern workshop.

2. 100% test in our laboratory.

3. Buyer can monitor working schedule in real time.

Some Photos for Your Reference

Washable Cassette Air Filter

Washable Cassette Air Filter