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PP Pleated Filter Cartridge
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PP Pleated Filter Cartridge

Filter area: 0.65㎡
Filter membrane: PP
Guide layer: PP
Inner support、end cap、shell: PP
Seal ring material: Silicone,Viton,EPDM,PTFE
Max.working temperature: ≤80℃
Max. working pressure drop: 0.4Mpa/23℃ / 0.21Mpa/80℃

Product Details

Product Description:

ThePolypropylene pleated filter cartridgeor PP Filter Cartridge is constructed with a high surface area polypropylene media(PP microporous membrane) for low initial pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity.It is an efficient membrane prefilter and can act as a final polishing filters for numerous fluid refining processes. The filter cartridges are constructed with heavy duty molded cage which enables it to withstand high pressure drop.

Pleated-Filter-Cartridge Pleated-Filter-Cartridge

Pleated-Filter-Cartridge Pleated-Filter-Cartridge

Performance Feature:

1 Micron ratings from 1 to 100 μm — broad application range

2 Polypropylene construction — inert to many process fluids(High chemical compatibility)

3 Various gasket/O-ring materials for you to choose to fuifil your different needs

4 Heavy-duty molded cage — high structural strength

5 Thermally welded construction.

6 PP microprous membrane provides high filtration performance and long service life


1 Prefiltration in chemical industry
2 Prefiltration in pharmaceutical industry, the processing of injections
3 Prefiltration in food and beverage industry

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Technical Parameter:

Cartridge structure

Filter area


Filter membrane


Guide layer


Inner support、end cap、shell


Seal ring material


Working situation

Max.working temperature


Max. working pressure drop



Packing and shipping:

filter package package


Q: How can we get the quotation of filter cartridges ?
A: Kindly please let us know the specifications,such as the material,length,micron,adapter,apply in which industry.....
Q: What's the minimal quantity order ?
A: 1 piece
Q:How longabout your delivery ?
A: The order is always arranged in 10 working days as soon as receiving your payment.
Q: Is customized service available ?
A: Yes, we offer customized service
Q: How about payment terms ?
A: We accept L/C, T/T, Escrow, Paypal or as your requirement

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