Fiberglass Media Gel Seal HEPA Filters

Fiberglass Media Gel Seal HEPA Filters possess several distinctive features, including aesthetic appearance, convenient installation, slim profile, lightweight construction, high efficiency, ample filtering surface, extended operational lifespan, and low resistance. The seal slot is created through the environmentally friendly pouring of gel, ensuring excellent sealing and leakage prevention.

Materials and Operating Conditions for Fiberglass Media Gel Seal HEPA Filters

1. Frame: Galvanized Sheet/Aluminum

2. Sealant: Polyurethane Adhesive

3. Separator: Hot Melt Adhesive

4. Media: Glass Fiber Paper

5. Operating Temperature: 80°C

6. Maximum Operating Temperature: 80°C, Operating Humidity: 80%

7. Gasket: Blue Gel Rubber Seal Slot

 Technical datasheet

ModelTypeMaterialSize(mm)(WxHxD)Air flow(m³/h)Initial pressure(≤Pa) (≤Pa)Filteration area(m²)Velocity(m/s)Filteration grade(EN1822-4)
YTGXNo separator(W)fiber  glass(BX)610x305x69500904.920.75H14




Note: More specifications can be customized

Fiberglass Media Gel Seal HEPA Filters Application

These gel-sealed HEPA filters find applications in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, paint booths, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, cement or asphalt powder plants, clean rooms, power plants, heavy metal industries, drying and baking chambers, hospitals, and more.

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Fiberglass Media Gel Seal HEPA Filters

Fiberglass Media Gel Seal HEPA Filters