Product Description
MaterialSize (Φ * L)Nominal ratingAdapter
Polypropylene180*410(1#),180*810(2#) Customized service0.5-100 (μm)
Nylon40 ~ 500 mesh
Stainless steel40 ~ 500 mesh

Function: Pre-filter, as the 1st stage of filtration for capturing large particles, can increase the service life of 2nd & 3rd stage of cartridge filter.

Filter bag are efficacious at weeding out debris, oil, and other pollutants from liquids, providing a wide range of applications while being an economical filter media. Yitong bag filters are applied in various scenarios in numerous industries such as industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, municipal water, and other power & utilities services.

Filter Bag Advantage

● Firstly, they are produced by high-speed industrial sewing machines without the need for silicone oil cooling, which eliminates the risk of silicone oil contamination.

● Secondly, they are able to capture impurities larger than their own mesh size during the filtration process.

● Additionally, they comprise multi-layer micron-level fine fiber filter material, which is capable of capturing hydrocarbons and trapping dirt.

● Furthermore, the 15 layers of different densities and dirt holding capacity greatly extend the service life of the filter bags.

● Finally, conductive fibers and chemical fibers are added to the conductive filter material to ensure the safety of static electricity.

Filter bag Applications

Filter bags are used for a variety of industrial applications. These include:

● Construction materials industry

● Bio mass power stations

● Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

● Metal and steel production

● Coal-fired power stations

● Food industry

● Thermal waste treatment

● Hydraulic & Lubrication Industry

● Food & Beverage Industry

● Oil & Gas Industry

Packing and Shipping

Filter Bag