Activated Carbon Bag Filter G4

This type pocket filter is designed for eliminating odors same as others chemical air filters. Lower initial pressure drop comes from special filter media --- activate carbon combines with synthetic fibre. 

Activate carbon can adsorb odors, meanwhile synthetic fibre can filter particles upto 10 micron.

Products Description

Detailed information:

Type: Pocket, disposable

Frame material: Plastic

Filter media: Synthetic fibre / Activated carbon

Filter class: G4

Initial pressure drop: 70Pa

Standard size: 592 x 592mm, 592 x 287mm, 498 x 220mm

Standard depth: 180/381/550/600mm

Product Features

Benefits of production:

1. Depth filter

2. No leakage

3. High strength


Benefits of our factory:

1. Buyer can monitor working schedule in real time

2. Complete set testing devices

3. Clean workshop

Some Photos for Your Reference

Activated Carbon Bag Filter G4

Activated Carbon Bag Filter G4

Activated Carbon Bag Filter G4