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Why are filters needed within the Food and Beverage industry?
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Why are filters needed within the Food and Beverage industry?

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Why are Filters needed within the Food & Beverage industry?

Filtration plays a critical role within the Food and Beverage manufacturing process to provide a safe and economic method for removing impurities and extending the shelf life of many consumable products.

High cleanliness standards and stringent contamination control is of utmost importance to ensure the manufacture of superior quality produce, a significant reduction of waste and to minimize product spoilage.

The various stages of the Food and Beverage production process raise purification and separation challenges:

• PreFiltration, clarification, stabilisation and sterilisation are critical processes for protecting the quality of the final product. These Filtration stages remove particles, yeast, mould spores and bacteria to ensure clear and bright beverages, as well as preventing blockages further downstream.

•Sterile air and purified process gases are used throughout the production process to prevent oxidisation or contamination when the gas or air comes into direct or indirect contact with the product. Sterile tank vent Filters are essential in providing sterile air during the emptying process, to prevent the ingress of airborne organisms and yeasts. Filtration is also key in providing purified compressed air, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, used in the cleaning, blanketing, carbonation and packaging processes.

The Filtration of potable, mineral and processing water is predominantly needed to control yeast and microbes. Filtration is also essential for clarifying utilities water to prevent blockages downstream, process water used for cleansing plant equipment, dechlorination, the dilution of beverages in intensified production and bottle washing.

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