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Two main cleaning methods of Dust filter
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Two main cleaning methods of Dust filter

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Two main cleaning methods of Dust filter

There are many ways to clean thedust filter, and now mainly introduce two ways:

1. Pulse jet cleaning: dust flow through the filter tube filter, the dust side was trapped in the outer surface of the filter, the clean air through the cartridge center into the clean air room, and then discharged by the outlet. When the resistance of the precipitator reaches the set value, the corresponding solenoid valve is controlled by the differential pressure control instrument, the pulse valve in the closed state is opened, the compressed air is directly sprayed into the center of the filter cartridge, and the dust collected on the surface of the filter element is blown off , Dust against the main air flow trend, under the action of gravity into the dust collector. When the pulse door is opened, the compressed air in the air bag through the pulse valve through the injection tube on the hole, jet out a high pressure of the jet flow. While attracting an equivalent of 1 to 2 times the volume of the air flow to attract the air flow, together into the filter cartridge, so that the filter is now instantaneous positive pressure and produce expansion and vibration, deposition in the filter above the dust off, Into the ash bucket, the ash bucket of dust collected through the discharge valve, continuous discharge.

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2. Vibration cleaning: vibration filter dust collector work, dust-laden gas diameter into the unit into the unit, dust was attached to the filter surface, and was collected. Clean gas through the center of the filter into the fan, the silencer by the top of the outlet vibration cleaning dust when the dust to stop working, the use of high-frequency vibration to achieve the principle of cleaning the filter, the vibration mode is driven by the motor eccentric Wheel, link mechanism to produce vibration to remove the dust on the filter surface.

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