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Teach you how to distinguish the quality of filter core
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Teach you how to distinguish the quality of filter core

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The filter to distinguish good not only to see the filterfilter cartridgeon the filter structure, filter structure and high performance should be: high strength, no pollution, no burr, no chemical reaction within the framework; internal and external supporting network should have sufficient strength, no pollution, no burr, no chemical reaction;) inside and outside the paper should have the high tensile strength, high capacity, should use long fiber, no loss, no chemical reaction of the material; the upper cover and the lower cover, the external support network framework; high performance filter should be inert fiber and high strength resin made of aperture should be uniform, unit area pore number should be more reasonable, and the most suitable the thickness of the longitudinal seam adhesive advanced. No leakage at the joint. The use of high strength adhesive inert that the upper and lower cover firmly bonded with filter assembly without leakage; reasonable choice of sealing form, which is connected with the filter body without leakage; external reinforcement should make the filter components close to the skeleton, enhance the anti impact ability.


Production process and equipment: production environment, production process and production equipment determine the basic conditions for producing high quality filter core. The filter element must be produced in the dust-free workshop, usually reaching one hundred thousand levels, and the test shall be carried out at the one thousand level cleaning laboratory. The filter filter is generally made of corrugated, it usually consists of 3 to 5 layers of folded, must adopt strong filter forming equipment, so as to make multilayer composite fiber tightly against the support line, if the supporting network and fiber by no means it die, poor production process. It is worth noting that if the filter is from the inward flow, the corrugated should be close to the inner frame, if the filter is from the inward flow, the corrugated should be close to the outer frame. In the filter in the production of longitudinal seam joints and the upper and lower cover bonding is a very important aspect, people tend to ignore, now the world advanced by two-component glue evenly mixed with fine and uniform output pipe joints in the longitudinal, then softened by heating, the penetration of the glue the internal interface of fiber to heating and hardening, it is firmly connected to the connector; also useful iron clamp connecting seam, but it cannot be used for high precision filter. Now some domestic manufacturers are using a dedicated adhesive machine, the two components of rubber by a specific proportion through the special output pipe, after hundreds of thousands of times mixing, so that the two ingredients are very evenly mixed, there is no bubble. This is manual mixing and ordinary motor mixing can not achieve. With regard to the upper and lower cover of the filter core, the material and surface treatment of the supporting net, the requirements of the system medium must be satisfied. Materials are plastic, plain steel, stainless steel, aluminum and so on. Surface treatment has hair blue, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating and so on. What kind of material and what kind of surface treatment method must be used in advance to do compatibility test. Packing: the high quality filter core has two layers of inner and outer packing, the inside is vacuum plastic sealing, and the other is the carton with a certain intensity. Vacuum sealing is to ensure that the installation and use in the transport process and the scene does not cause pollution outside the surface of the filter core; and the outside of the carton in order to protect the filter is not under pressure in the process of transportation and storage in the earthquake, the impact factors and the material damage.

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