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Metal Filter Cartridge for sale
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Metal Filter Cartridge for sale

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Metal Filter Cartridge for sale

Metal Filter Cartridgeuse  a new filter media.The new filter media provides excellent performances such as excellent precision and high strength, corrosion and heat resistance, so it is a kind of ideal filter material for applications that high strength and high temperature required.

Due to its smooth mesh hole structure, this filter material is of excellent backwashing and reusable function. Therefore, it can be reused for al long time, and is especially suitable for continuous and automatic operation,the character of which can't be exceeded by any other kind of filter materials.Furthermore, this filter material is easy to be formed and machined .


1.Factory price

2.Large filtration area and high filtration efficiency

3.High filtration precision

4.Can be repeatedly used many times after clean

5.Good strength and fastness, not easily detached

6.High temperature resistance

7.Easy to clean

8.Easy to install and uninstall

9.Long work life and not easily damaged

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