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Ink Filteration
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Ink Filteration

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Oil and gas filteration
There're many filtration process application during the oil and gas drilling procedure. These filtration system can effectively protect the oil drilling equipment, such as drilling pump and pipeline, oil field water injection, wastewater treatment, liquid ammonia oil removal, etc.

Liquid filtration: high flow rates filter cartridge, high accuracy PP filter cartridge, glass fiber filter cartridge, PP deep filter cartridge, PP filter bag

Gas filtration: high accuracy glass fiber filter cartridge

Paint and chemical coating filteration
PP filter bag, Nylon filter bag, PP filter cartridge, High pollutant holding capicity glass fiber filter cartridge.
Ink filteration
With the rapid development of ink-jet printing technology and people's requirement for the higher and higher quality ink-jet ink, filtering technology in the production and usage of inkjet ink is also more and more important.Using high quality, high cleanliness, without impurity particles inkjet ink can avoid printer head and nozzle clogging, ensure the performance and service life of the printer.

Suitable products: High accuracy PP filter cartridge, Nylon filter cartridge, PES filter cartridge.

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