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Industrial Water Filtration Equipment China
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Industrial Water Filtration Equipment China

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Industrial Water Filtration Equipment China

Details ofIndustrial Water Filtration Equipment

Style: Tube

Application: Industry

Performance: Efficient Filtration

Motive Force: Pressure

Usage: Filter

Origin: China


1. High efficiency of filter: Quick flow of liquid, big capacity of impurity.

2. The unique seal system makes the filter more safety.

3. It can prevent the bag plunged into the support basket, no inner leak.

4. Good appearance and compact inner construct.

5. High precision, the filter range can be from 0.5-200um.

6. The price is more competitive.


1. Grease: crude oil, bleaching earth, hydrogenated oil, winter oil, stearin, fatty acids and so on.

2. Petrochemical products: diesel, lubricants, paraffin, mineral oil products.

3. Beverage: beer, fruit juice, alcohol, milk, etc.

4. Organic chemicals: all kinds of organic acids, alcohols, benzene, aldehydes.

5. Paint and varnish: resin, varnish, dyes, real paint, etc.

6. Inorganic chemicals: bromine water, potassium cyanide, fluorite and so on.

7. Food: gelatin, vinegar, starch, sugar juice, sweet water.

8. Medicine: hydrogen peroxide, vitamins, etc.

9. Minerals: coal dust, cinder, etc.

10. Other: air, water purification and so on.

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