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How to Effectively Prevent the Filter Element from Being Flattened?
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How to Effectively Prevent the Filter Element from Being Flattened?

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How to Effectively Prevent the Filter Element from Being Flattened?

As a China Air Filter Element Manufacturer, share with you. How to effectively prevent the occurrence of flattening of the filter element during work, improper use of the filter element or selection of an inappropriate filter element, will appear flattened during the filter element work, so how can we effectively prevent it. We have summarized some aspects that may show the above reasons: the filter element is infarct and has not been changed in time.

The filter element is seriously blocked by contaminants during work and has not been cleaned in time, resulting in filter element pressure difference, insufficient filter element strength, and improper selection of filter element flattening. The filter element selection is not suitable for the current working environment, and the filter element accuracy is selected Too high, or the pressure exceeds its allowable working pressure.

will also cause the phenomenon of filter element flattening. Many customers think that using stainless steel sintered mesh filter elements and sintered felt filter elements will prevent this situation, but this is not the case. These two types of stainless steel filter elements have certain compressive capabilities.

However, if it exceeds its own pressure resistance ability, it will also show flattening. We must make appropriate adjustments according to the working pressure, such as adding a skeleton, which will have a better effect. Improper installation. The installation of the filter element should be stable, but the filter element is not fixed. Once started the filtration work, so that the filter element was destroyed.

Is there a simple way for customers to quickly distinguish the quality of the filter element? In fact, it can be distinguished from the three aspects of the filter element frame, material, and glue.

Look at the colloid of the filter element. The current structure of the filter element is composed of ordinary filter paper and rubber adhesive, and the colloid of the real filter element is different. The rubber of the filter element has good texture and elasticity, while the rubber of the pretend filter element is soft and poor in texture. A more easy way to distinguish is to fold the air filter element in half. After loosening the filter element, the filter element will quickly return to its shape. However, due to the rubber texture problem, the inferior filter element does not adhere well to the filter paper, and the center of the fold is obvious.

Look at the thickness of the filter element frame. The thickness of the inner and outer frame of the good quality filter element is between 0.8mm-1.5mm, but some businesses have reduced the frame to 0.3mm-0.5mm in order to reduce the layer cost. There is no difference in appearance, but it seriously affects the filter element. The pressure resistance ability of the filter element depends on the filter element. The main filter material of the air filter element is filter paper.

At present, the filter paper of the filter element mainly adopts domestic paper and imported paper. Both domestic and imported paper have good filtering performance. The inferior filter paper used in the counterfeit filter element cannot prevent dust from entering the initiator, thereby affecting the normal operation of the initiator. The color of the filter paper of the ordinary filter element is uniform, and the paper surface is relatively flat; while the color of the filter paper of the inferior filter element is not uniform, the paper surface is hairy, and the texture is poor.

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