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How does the \"Construction cancer\" - - house seep explains?
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How does the \"Construction cancer\" - - house seep explains?

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Had the house to be equal to in the city has the warm harbor which might perch, however in the real life, mass questions and so on house leakage, dehiscence also made many to have a room class \"to be flustered hurriedly\". The construction leakage already became besides the structure the second major problem, once seeps, its maintenance cost will be constructs for the first time the cost several fold, the jeopardy is profound, puzzle developer and owner.

1st, the mass bad - - house suit leakage question is prominent

 The nation Consumer Association released that in 2014 accepts the suit situation report, whole year altogether receives the real estate and the building materials class sues 24599. The house mass question was still disputed that one of suit focal points, achieves 49.1% which sues completely, obviously the mass question already became the house most important solution the difficult problem. Among them, the water leakage, the seep question, outside the wall surface falls off, as well as questions and so on wall fissure are more prominent.

The Beijing architectural engineering expert evidence core for 10 years, the contract leakage's case accounts for above project quality total case's 25%, accounts for the proportion to be quite big.

2nd, why leaks? - - searches analyzes the construction leakage reason

The inquisition construction leakage's reason, encompasses the design not to conform to the national related standard stipulation approximately, the waterproof layer has not formed \"the entire seal\" the waterproof system; The construction mass is unable to guarantee that some construction waterproofing constructors have not mastered the standardized construction skill, to some subsealing, the volume material thermal melt construction labor's method standardized process was not familiar, creates some high quality waterproof product to make \"inferior\" the waterproof evil consequence; But some construction link safeguards improper to the end product, the following working procedure destroyed already the waterproof layer which completes, causes it to lose the waterproof function.


In addition, creates the construction leakage another big bad cause is the low price is selected. Because the low price is selected the misleading function, caused the roofing, the basement or between the restroom bath which had and so on projects has selected technical laws and regulations and so on ministry of construction and related standard standard clearly stipulates interdicts or the limit use waterproofing material, some Construction to obtain a bigger illegal profit, did not hesitate to use the fake and shoddy waterproofing material, has created the material mass non-guarantee present situation.

Chinese Construction Waterproofing Association Secretary General the Zhu Chinese ilex once pointed out: before 2000 ten years, were the investment in real estates swift growth ten years, were also neglect quality ten years, nearly all were the floor price are selected. The development enterprise gave own property company the post-sale service, the property company had detected a phenomenon, the majority of properties spent in safeguarding which used to seep.

The waterproof profession has a proverb \"three point material, seven point construction\", seven point construction is checks depending on the human, often the human is the unstablest factor, even if the material is again good, constructs not good or some link had problems, causes the overall system failure. Therefore \"flood\" stern, improves the construction mass is the key, only has perseveres the standardization construction guide, accurate completes each construction working procedure carefully by the artisan, can avoid \"the flood\" validly occurrence. In addition, the different construction spot, and is different to waterproofing material's requirement, therefore must act as circumstances permit, because of the material construction. Only will then design and the material and the axle, the system question, the system solution, can prevent the architecture validly the leakage.

Has the possibility regarding the waterproofing works to achieve \"is watertight\", the Ye Lin sign thought: The waterproofing works are a systems engineering, so long as the guiding principle is straight, does not do the low price to be selected, not to do wonderfully special new, does not tow the time, according to the objective law management; The rational design, forms the entire seal the waterproof layer; The selection is appropriate, acts as circumstances permit to demand chooses the material; Constructs carefully, does not cheat on labor and materials; Side the overseeing arriving, implements station overseeing to the detail configuration construction and so on, implements our country non-leakage project is completely possible.

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