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Glass Fiber pleated filter cartridge
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Glass Fiber pleated filter cartridge

Filter area: 0.45㎡/10 inch
Filter membrane: Glass Fiber
Guide layer: PP
Inner support、end cap、shell: PP
Seal ring material: Silicone,Viton,EPDM,PTFE
Max.working temperature: ≤80℃
Max. working pressure drop: 0.4Mpa/23℃ / 0.21Mpa/80℃

Product Details

Product Description:

YitongGlass fiber pleated filter cartridgesare constructed from robust glass fibre and polypropylene filtration layers, offering removal ratings from 0.5 to 5 micron absolute. It is suitable for absolute removal of unwanted particulates and for prefiltration to membrane filters. It incorporates a polypropylene prefiltration layer, combined with a high dirt capacity glass fibre media. This has the effect of longer service life, improved operating costs and smaller process footprint. Theseglass fiber pleated filter cartridgesare suitable for applications ranging from bioburden reduction and the clarification of a wide range of process liquids and end products.

Pleated-Filter-Cartridge Pleated-Filter-Cartridge

Pleated-Filter-Cartridge Pleated-Filter-Cartridge

Performance Feature:

1 Excellent hydrophilic ability, no need to wet before applying it.
2 Extremely low dissolved matter.
3 Great chemical compatibility
4 Perfect chemical interception ability
5 It can be autoclaved


1 Prefiltration of high viscous liquids and compressed gas
2 Prefiltration of serum and blood related products.

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Technical Parameter:

Cartridge structure

Filter area

0.45㎡/10 inch

Filter membrane

Glass Fiber

Guide layer


Inner support、end cap、shell


Seal ring material


Working situation

Max.working temperature


Max. working pressure drop



Packing and shipping:

package package


Q: How can we get the quotation of filter cartridges ?
A: Kindly please let us know the specifications,such as the material,length,micron,adapter,apply in which industry.....
Q: What's the minimal quantity order ?
A: 1 piece
Q:How longabout your delivery ?
A: The order is always arranged in 10 working days as soon as receiving your payment.
Q: Is customized service available ?
A: Yes, we offer customized service
Q: How about payment terms ?
A: We accept L/C, T/T, Escrow, Paypal or as your requirement

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WhatsApp:+86 180 3376 5689
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