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Filter maintenance
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Filter maintenance

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Filter structure:

The filter is made of stainless steel and consists of three parts: a filter container, a support basket and a filter bag.

How filters work:

The liquid flows from the inlet, flows through the bag into the bag, and the filtered particulate impurities are trapped inside the filter bag, thereby achieving the purpose of filtration. The filter bag can be replaced or cleaned after use.

Filter maintenance

1, often check the connection pipe is solid, whether there is leakage and damage.

2, do not open the bag in the case of pressure inside the lid, or the remaining liquid may be sprayed, and cause liquid loss and personal injury.

3, check the filter inlet and outlet valves are closed tightly, check the pressure gauge to determine the internal pressure is 0, then the bag filter should be separated from the pipeline system. Open the drain valve and keep the remaining liquid in the bag filter running through the drain valve.

4, the correct filter to open the filter cover, unscrew the cover cap, lift the cover, turn a certain angle.

5, check the Ο-type seals and filter on the Ο type slot, if the Ο-type ring deformation, there are scratches or rupture, or Ο-type seal joints have problems, should replace the new accessories.

6, replace the filter bag, if you are using the sewing bag, please filter bag sewing edge folded into, you can improve the filter bag filter effect. Put the filter bag, so that the mouth of the filter bag and metal mesh collar anastomosis.

7, one hand holding the cover handle, one hand to seize the other end of the cover, the cover on the bag filter mouth, slowly down, naturally flat pressure on the Ο-type ring and filter bag ring mouth. Uniformly tighten the cap bolts.

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