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Dust Removal Filter Cartridge Exporters
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Dust Removal Filter Cartridge Exporters

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Dust Removal Filter Cartridge Exporters

Dust Removal Filter Cartridgeas early as the 20th century, 70 years has been in Japan and some countries in Europe and America, it has advantages such as small size, high efficiency, investment and easy maintenance, but because of its small capacity, difficult to combine into a large amount of equipment , Low filtration rate and other shortcomings, its scope of application is very narrow, only applied to in food, welding and other industries, so over the years failed to promote a large number. In recent years, with the new technology, new materials continue to develop, Japan's large ambition, the United States Thomson, Bi Wei company as the representative of the structure and filter dust filter has been improved, making a wide range of filter dust collector Used in cement, iron and steel, electricity, food, metallurgy, chemical and other industrial fields, to solve problem of the traditional dust collector on the ultra-fine dust collection difficult, high filtration rate, cleaning effect is poor, easy to wear and tear bag leakage, high operating costs.

The structure of the filter cartridge is composed of air inlet duct, exhaust pipe, box, ash bucket, cleaning device, diversion device, air flow distribution plate, filter cartridge and electronic control device. structure.

The layout of the filter cartridge in the dust collector is very important, both can be arranged vertically in the box on the board, you can also tilt the arrangement on the board, from the cleaning effect, the vertical layout is more reasonable. The lower part of the flower bed is the filter chamber, the upper part is the air box pulse chamber. A gas distribution plate is installed at the inlet of the precipitator.

Yitong filter equipment company  specializes in producingDust Removal Filter Cartridge,please contact us if you need.

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