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Dust Removal Filter Advantage
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Dust Removal Filter Advantage

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The dust removal filter is made of high-quality wood pulp fiber filter paper and high-strength polyester fiber non-woven fabric, it can filtrate out the dust in the air. High dust filter efficiency, simple installation, convenient use and maintenance, suitable for dust removal in various industrial production.

The dust removal filter is a device installed at the vent in the space that needs to be purified. It can collect and remove a large amount of toxic and harmful dust outside, remove exhaust gas, and increase fresh air.


1.High efficiency, low resistance, energy saving;

2.Strong processing ability and wide application;

3.Low investment and maintenance costs, long service life;

4.Relatively compact layout, saving space and easy maintenance;

5.The filtering wind speed range is wide. Filter elements of different materials have different filtration wind speeds;

6.In addition to filter of paper materials, other filter elements such as polyester filter elements and membrane-coated filter elements can generally be washed with water, and can be reused after drying.

dust removal filter

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