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Beer Filteration
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Beer Filteration

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Beer filtration

Filtration plays a very important role during the bear brewing procedure. Yitong beer filter cartridge has a very high interception effiency, high flux, long service life features, it plays a very important part for improving the beer sensation.

Gas filtration: Fermentation usage glass fiber air filter cartridge, PTFE air sterilization filter cartridge.
Liquid purification filtration: PP filter bag, high accuracy PP filter cartridge.
Liquid sterilization filtration: PES filter cartridge, PTFE sterilization filtration.
Soft drink filterationn

Recommand product: Protection filter cartridge, high accuracy PP pleated membrane filter cartridge, PES sterilization filter cartridge, metal filter cartridge, Respirator usage PTFE filter cartridge.
White wine filteration
Recommand product: PP deep filter cartridge, high accucacy PP pleated membrane filter cartridge, Nylon pleated membrane filter cartridge.
Grape wine filteration
Grape wine brewing is a very complex process. During this process, all of the impurity particles, protein, polypeptide, pectin, yeast and various bacteria will influence its clarity and taste. Therefore, multistage filtration treatment can assure the stablity of the liquor, ensure its unique taste, color and mellow.
Prefiltration: PP pleated filter cartridge, liquid glass fiber pleated filter cartridge.
Sterilization filtration: High accuracy PES filter cartridge, double layer  PES filter cartridge.
Air sterilization filtration: PTFE air sterilization filter cartridge

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