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Air strainer, air strainer's function and use, air strainer's development process
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Air strainer, air strainer's function and use, air strainer's development process

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\"the air strainer\" the air strainer (Air Filter) refers to the air filtration installment, generally uses in the pure workshop, the pure workshop, the laboratory and the clean room, or use in the electronic machinery communication facility and so on dustproof, enables the air to achieve certain cleanness. Has at the beginning of the effect filter, effect filter, highly effective filter and Asia highly effective and so on models. Each kind of model has the different standard and the operating effectiveness.
The air strainer uses in following several many usually:
1st, Painting workshop or spraying equipment's air filtration and uniform stream.
2nd, pure conditions air outlet air filtration;
3rd, the pure conditions returns to the wind gap air filtration;
4th, the central air-conditioning system's air treatment unit, uses to the new atmosphere or the loop wind carries on the filtration;

Air strainer's development process:

According to the record, the early roman in carries on the drain off mercury time will use the thick hemp to make the mask to come to carry on certain safeguarding to oneself, but this protective measures gradually turn the air strainer in afterward evolution, by initial utilizes us to be possible to see its leading role namely to provide the safeguard for some dangerous professions.

In afterward development, the air strainer also with development and so on military and electronics industry had certain connection; According to record, in the First World War, as a result of each chemistry toxic agent use, therefore filtered the smoke level by the filter paper achievement the service gas mask also to arise at the historic moment, afterward glass fiber's filter medium also correspondingly appeared on the market; While further studies and consummation to the glass fiber filter paper's technique of production, the highly effective filter and so on also correspondingly appear;

Certainly, the air strainer is also in this time some breach swift development, in addition, it also in anti-corrosive, thermostable, puts aspects and so on bacterium to have the special progress, can satisfy the different profession the demand.
Air strainer's synopsis:
In air strainer's main body very greatly certain extent has resolved the fluid characteristic and the outward appearance, but the common main body material including the compression casting aluminum alloy, the zinc base alloy and so on, at the same time, wants overall evaluation its outlook whether can with the pressure relief valve, the oil mist be similar; But its operation's process is also very simple, mainly includes the following several processes:
First, multiple filter safeguards: The multiple activated charcoal filtrations can in valid interception air some dusts and the bacterium;
Next, uses the titamium oxide to kill the poison: The titanium dioxide has a nanometer level, generally activates by the ultraviolet ray, may valid kill in the air radioactive contaminations and so on benzene, formaldehyde, thus safeguard air mass;
Once more, adds the oxygen using the anoin: In carries on after the air kills poisonous processing, the air strainer may also utilize its own anoin to give in the air to add some oxygen, thus guarantees in the air to have the enough oxygen to come for the people to breathe;
Then, the heating has selected the PTC ceramics' method: The winter climate is cold, not only but the PTC ceramics heating piece can carry on the filtration to the indoor air, but can also let the indoor temperature becomes warm comfortable;
Finally, uses the ultraviolet ray to sterilize: The ultraviolet ray, the people knew that its function may valid eliminate in the air the virulent bacterium, therefore, utilizes it in the air strainer is without doubt improves on perfection, not only enables the people the respiratory tract fresh air, but can also let others be far away from the bacterial virus the infection.
Air strainer's utilization:
Along with environmental pollution's further aggravating, the air strainer has the indispensable life to people's life; Not only but immediately along with the air strainer the development and the refinement, it not was only suitable for the industrial production, the housing, the commercial place, the work area and so on ubiquitous form let us be able not but to look that raised up the thumb for its appearance.

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