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Air folding filter installation, the use of instructions
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Air folding filter installation, the use of instructions

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AirFoldable FilterInstallation

1, check the filter model is correct.

2, check the filter is complete.

3, cut the bottom of the filter bag, revealing O-ring.

4, in order to avoid contamination, the filter shell before installation, do not remove the plastic bag.

5, in order to facilitate the installation, you can use lubricants (such as water, glycerol, etc.) wet O-ring.

6, hold the lower part of the filter, slowly into the shell socket, gently turn the filter lock to lock the socket buckle.

7, all the filter installed after removing the plastic bag, buckle on the pressure plate fixed, fixed pressure plate, the pressure plate pre-filter on the end surface to have 2-5mm gap, so as to avoid the steam sterilization, the filter expansion caused by bending.

8, install the filter housing. If necessary, steam sterilization.

Use and maintenance articles

1, into the air filter should be dehumidified oil-free gas, relative humidity should be maintained at 70%, so that the filter to achieve the best condition.

2, the air filter installed in the fermentation platform, the outlet pipe should be installed in a reliable check valve, so as to avoid power failure or wrong operation, the fermentation broth poured into the filter and affect the production continued normal.

3, the air filter at both ends of the differential pressure reached 0.05MPa, the air flux greatly attenuated, to achieve the cumulative number of steam sterilization situation, should replace the filter.

4, in order to ensure the filtering effect, should also replace the filter in the filter.

5, use the process to produce any questions, please contact the professional

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