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Air filters, the role and use of air filters, the development of air filters
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Air filters, the role and use of air filters, the development of air filters

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\"Air filter\" Air filter (Air Filter) refers to the air filter device, generally used for clean workshop, clean room, laboratory and clean room, or for electronic mechanical communication equipment such as dust, so that the air to a certain Cleanliness. There are early effects filter, medium efficiency filter, high efficiency filter and sub-efficient models. Various models have different standards and performance.

Air filters are usually used for the following:

1, spraying the workshop or spraying equipment for air filtration and leveling.

2, clean the environment of the air outlet air filter;

3, clean the environment of the air outlet air filter;

4, the central air conditioning system of air handling unit for the new air or circulating air filter;

The development of air filters:

According to records, the early Romans in the extraction of mercury when the use of hemp made of masks to protect themselves to a certain extent, and this protection in the subsequent evolution of the gradual change into the air filter, from the initial use We can see that its primary role is to provide protection for some dangerous industries.

In the subsequent development, the air filter and the military and the electronics industry and other development has a certain relationship; it was recorded, in the First World War, due to the use of chemical agents, so filter paper as a filter layer Of the military gas mask also came into being, after the glass fiber filter media is also available; in the glass fiber filter paper production technology to further study and improve the same time, high efficiency filters also appear accordingly;

Of course, the air filter is also a breakthrough in the rapid development of this time, in addition, it is also resistant to corrosion, high temperature, put bacteria and so has a special progress, to meet the needs of different industries.

Introduction to Air Filter:

The body of the air filter greatly determines the characteristics and appearance of the fluid, and common body materials, including die-casting aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, etc. At the same time, to consider whether the appearance of the valve with the pressure The operation of the process is also very simple, mainly including the following steps:

First, multiple filter protection: multiple activated carbon filter can effectively block some of the dust and bacteria in the air;

Second, the use of titanium oxide antivirus: titanium dioxide with nano-level, generally activated by the UV light, can effectively kill the air benzene, formaldehyde and other radioactive pollution, thus ensuring the quality of air;

Again, the use of negative ions to increase oxygen: in the air antivirus treatment, the air filter can also use its own negative ions to the air to add some oxygen, so as to ensure that the air has enough oxygen for people to breathe;

Then, the use of PTC ceramic heating way: cold winter weather, and PTC ceramic heating film can not only filter the indoor air, but also make the indoor temperature becomes warm and comfortable;

Finally, the use of ultraviolet light to sterilization: UV, people know that its role can effectively kill the virus in the air, so it will be used in the air filter is icing on the cake, not only people can breathe fresh air , But also allow people to stay away from bacterial infection.

The use of air filters:

With the further intensification of environmental pollution, air filters on people's lives will have an indispensable life; and now with the air filter not only the development and refinement, it is not only applicable to industrial production, residential, commercial Place, office area and so everywhere in the figure so that we have to look for it to appear thumbs up.

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