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Aerospace and Defence
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Aerospace and Defence

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Avionics and Environmental Control
Air and Acoustics
Our filters protect vital sub-systems in aircraft, helicopters, military vehicles, missiles and spacecrafts and are used for processes such as fuel management, power generation and environment control. Our filters are suitable for the following applications:
·Primary and secondary flight controls
Filtering hydraulic fluids used to operate mechanisms that control the direction of an aircraft during flight, landing and take-off conditions.
·Fuel management
Used within fuel control and fuel pump metering, as well as a range of fuel system hierarchal filtration components.
·Fuel tank inerting
Providing filtration for engine bleed air, removing fluidic and particulate contamination to a sub-micronic level.
·Power generation
Used in auxiliary power and ground power units plus generators and starter generators.
·Air intakes
For filtering large volumes of particulate in highly contaminated environments.
·Environment control
Air supply, thermal control and cabin pressurisation.
·Potable water systems
Used on aircraft for passengers and crew, as well as transport from source.
·Avionics and supplementary cooling
Removing particulate from coolant systems such as power electrons, cargo bay air conditioning and galley coolant systems.
Our list of products includes:
Pleated filter elements
Filter manifolds
Air filtration modules
In-line and last chance filters
Differential pressure indicators
Fuel tank inerting filters
Ozone and volatile organic compound (VOC) removal filters
Filtration accessories
Bypass and relief valves
Filter kits
Strainers and screens.
Our products provide effective filtration within aircraft and military equipment, vital to ensure that all systems are free from contaminants and to guarantee safety, long service life, reliability and cost effective operation in the most demanding conditions.

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Tel: +86 311 6668 5297
Mob: +86 180 3376 5689
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WhatsApp:+86 180 3376 5689
WeChat: +86 180 3376 5689
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