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Advantage of Pleated Filter
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Advantage of Pleated Filter

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The pleated filter cartridge is a new filter that is deeply loved by users due to it's ultra-high filtration accuracy, high flux, low pressure drop and low cost. 

Advantages of pleated filter cartridge

1.Great filtration accuracy, with a retention rate of over 90%

2.Wide chemical compatibility, large circulation and low pressure difference

3.Media not shedd, meets the standards of the pharmaceutical industry

4.Wide range of filtration accuracy to meet various application needs

5.It is welded by hot-melt technology, which is firm and does not pollute the product by release.

6.Can be terilize by chemical method and online steam 

7.Can be cleaned and regenerated, economical.

Application of pleated filter cartridge

1.Reverse osmosis water system and deionized water system are pre-filtered.

2.Filtration of beverages, alcohol, mineral water, purified water, edible oil, etc.

3.Filtration of chemical solvents, fine chemicals, inks, etc.

4.Filtration of liquid medicine, medicine and medicine water.

5.Others: biological products, plasma, oil field reinjection water, gas filtration, etc.

nylon Pleated-Filter-Cartridge2

glass fiber Pleated-Filter-Cartridge2

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