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Whether for a new plant or the retrofit / upgrading of an existing plant, we carefully assess each customer's needs to define a product most suitable for your requirements.

We possess specialist fabrication skills and techniques in all of our manufacturing sites around the world, as well as extensive cleanroom facilities.

Technical Support Services
Validation services
Process specific validation
Filter compatibility
Retention studies
Microbial challenge tests
Endotoxin and particulate testing
Extractables testing.
On-site services
Customer plant surveys
Process filter optimisation
Pre-inspection review.
Integrity testing
SIP and CIP methods.
We have proven, highly specialised metallic filtration solutions for the production of chemicals such as ammonia, maleic anhydride, polyols, ether, sulphuric acid, sodium chlorate, solvents , resinsas well as HDPE and LLDPE.

We manufacture a comprehensive range of polymeric disposable filters for use as prefilters, filters and sub-micron membrane filters. These are suitable for use in new installations and as replacement cartridges in existing systems including: specialist inks, UV curable inks, laminates, coatings and lacquers, electronics grade chemicals, water treatment, carbon fibre precursor, paint, parts washing, powder handling and transmission, cosmetics and toiletries.

Our polymeric disposable filter cartridges are widely used for:
clarification, purification, stabilisation and bio-burden reduction of industrial and chemical process liquids and gasses
solvent filtration, sterile process gas and venting
removal of gels, colloids and polymorphous contaminants
potable, mineral and process water protection.

We Offer the Widest Breadth of Filtration Solutions, Get in touch with Yitong Filtration, We'll connect you to the right industry specialist.

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Tel: +86 311 6668 5297
Mob: +86 180 3376 5689
Fax: +86 311 6668 5290
WhatsApp:+86 180 3376 5689
WeChat: +86 180 3376 5689
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