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Since the very start of beer production, beer spoilage, microorganisms such as wild yeasts, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus lactic acid bacteria, have posed a problem for brewers.

The brewing process demands the highest standards of cleanliness for preserving the unique flavour and taste of beer. Understanding the removal of yeast and bacteria is a major factor in extending the shelf life and taste of all beers and Porvair Filtration Group membrane filters can be safely used without compromise to the quality of the finished product.

Liquor filtration
Our filters can provide clarity, bioburden reduction and sterility. Suitable filter cartridges include Klearfil™ and Polyfil™ II depth filters, and the Biofil™ PES membrane filter.

Trap filtration
Absolute retention of PVPP powder and Diatomaceous Earth (DE), ensures that beer is free from particulate matter before entering the bright beer tank. Trapfil™ HA filter has been designed to remove PVPP and DE, and is capable of being backwashed and regenerated up to 100 cycles.

Gas filtration
Our Fluorofil™ and Fluorofil™ Plus filters can ensure the removal of spoilage organisms from CO2, N2 and air, and can also be used for sterile venting and blanket transfer.

Final filtration
The removal of spoilage organisms such as yeast and bacteria is assured with the use of our integrity testable membrane filter, the Biofil™ PES.

Tanker transfer
Our filters can provide the assurance of quality during transfer from tank to tank, or tank to process. Suitable filters include Klearfil™, Polyfil™ II or Biofil™ PES depending on the requirements.

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