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Biopharmaceuticals, medicinal drugs derived from biotechnology cell culture techniques, result from the extracellular or intracellular secretion of products such as proteins and nucleic acids.

From cell culture media preparation and buffer filtration for fermentation to product purification, containment and formulation and filling, the Porvair Filtration Group range of prefilters and validated final filters ensure products are safe and pure time and time again.

The products of the Biopharmaceutical Industry are products extracted or synthesized from biological sources and processes, as active substances. Over the years, a large number of different biomolecules and their importance / role in various biochemical processes have been investigated. This has helped many different types of biopharmaceuticals have been launched in recent years for various applications in the field of therapeutics and medical diagnostics.

Proteins that result from the existence of recombinant DNA within living cells are called recombinant proteins. Most of the proteins that are used therapeutically are recombinant human proteins, made using non-human mammalian cell lines, that have been manipulated to express certain human genetic sequences. Recombinant proteins are an important class of therapeutics, used to replace deficiencies in critical growth factors, transmitted by the blood, and to strengthen the immune system, thus fighting cancer and infectious diseases. The use of recombinant proteins has increased enormously in recent years. By introducing specific genes into the genetic material of bacterial, mammalian or yeast cells, they can be used as factories to produce proteins that will be used in medical treatment and diagnosis.

Therapeutic proteins are used to alleviate the suffering of patients in numerous situations, including various types of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, anaemia or haemophilia, among others.

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