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Bag Type Air Filter
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Bag Type Air Filter

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Bag Type Air Filter

Yitong Bag Type Air Filter has been applied in many industries,like pharmacy, automotive and food manufacturing industry, and other industries for the ventilation system usage. There are 7 grades of the filteration efficiency, like G3, G4, F5, F6, F7, F8 and F9 grades. The bag filters are designed for the HVAC system, for it has the large filteration area, large dust holding capcity, low resistance and etc,. It is commonly seen in the HVAC system for industrial and commercial apolications. Nowadays peolple are more concentrate on th e indoor air quality, the bag air filter are also seen in the residential areas.

air bag filter

TheYitong air bag filter are made of composite non-woven, fine glass fiber or imported synthetic fiber. Through the reinforce forming, we have the perfect material for the air filter. After the filter modeling, it can match with various metal frames, like galvanized sheet, aluminum plate, and aluminum alloy section bar materia.


The air bag filter can serve as the first and the second stage for the air filteration system. So it can be used as the complete filteration solution or as prefilters for cleanroom process applications. In the confined space, the air bag can help exhaust air or in the recirculation system the air bag can protect teh air handling units. The air bag filteration have a significantly dust holding capcity and can serve long time than the filters.

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