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YTZSS Series — SS Wire Mesh Pleated Filter Cartridge

Steam filtration.
Oxidizing liquid filtration.
Strong polarized solvent filtration.
Corrosive liquid filtration.

  • YTZSS Series
YTZSS Series — SS Wire Mesh Pleated Filter Cartridge
YTZSS Series SS wire mesh pleated filter cartridge is made by SS wire mesh, after overlaying and vacuum sintering, it has larger filtration area. The SS wire mesh after high temperature sintering, it becomes a porous type depth filtration material, the pore from coarse to fine, has trapezoid aperture, have absolute filtration efficiency, high porosity, high pollutants holding capacity, etc. advantages.
1. Steam filtration.
2. Oxidizing liquid filtration.
3. Strong polarized solvent filtration.
4. Corrosive liquid filtration.
5. Liquid material decarburization filtration.
6. Liquid and gas filtration Under the condition of high temperature and pressure.
7. Viscous liquid filtration.

Technical parameter                                                                                                                                    
       Filters the core structure        Material nature        Does not rust steel 316L or 304
       Outside diameter (mm)        50th, 60 (may custom make)
       Long        150mm-1500mm (may custom make)
       Has filtered the precision        1~100um
       Meets the port        M20, M30, 222, 226 (may custom make)
       The labor makes the condition        The labor makes the temperature        ≤450℃
The special size may process making to order

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